Selling Scrap & Ferrous Materials




14581 US Hwy. 6
Atwood, CO 80722

Phone Number: 970-522-7779

Commodities that stick to a magnet are considered ferrous.

Scrap sales begin by entering the yard from HWY 6.


You will then be weighed on our scale to obtain a gross weight


You will then drive around the West side of the drain shop and proceed to the unload area where you will be unloaded by a grapple.


You will then go across the Scale to be weighed again


Take the ticket from the Scales to the Main Office to be validated for cash or check


If you wish to receive cash (up to $2000), you will then go the the EZ Cash Machine. Anything quantity over $2000 will be written as a check; any quantity under $100 will be issued as cash.

Please call with any further questions.

Phone: 970-522-7779